Relentless Beats

Binary Hertz

Genre House

Country USA



Binary Hertz's Biography

The vision of Binary Hertz is to embrace the current styles of EDM while at the same time influencing the next generation of dance music.  Binary Hertz is more than just another DJ or production group.  Binary Hertz is creating a platform, one piece at a time, which will revolutionize dance music as we know it today by utilizing our collective professional talents as musicians, DJ’s, producers, studio engineers, and promoters.  Not only will these traits contribute to the production of dance music of the highest quality, they will also positively impact the dance music community in its entirety.

Their monthly podcast features their latest tracks along with the newest and best dance music from across the globe.  Along with some popular DJ “hammers”, a large portion of their musical focus (of our podcast) will be to find a “diamond in the rough” amongst the thousands of tracks released upon the world each day.  They will dig deeply to find new artists and labels to help showcase them to the dance music community.

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