Relentless Beats

Jack Beats & Sleepy Tom

November 14, 2015 at 9:00 PM

Monarch Theatre - Phoenix, AZ

Headliners Jack Beats, Sleepy Tom

Supports Crit, Muzhak

Type Nightclub

Venue Monarch Theatre122 East Washington St
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Ages 18+/21+

Show 9:00 PM - 2:00 AM

Doors 9:00 PM

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Event Description

Relentless Beats presented Jack Beats & Sleepy Tom on Saturday, November 14, 2015 at Monarch Theatre in Phoenix, AZ. This show is 18+.

About Jack Beats

Jack Beats have a plan. That plan involves taking the very best, most spectacularly effective pieces from a vast array of different musical genres and blending them together into an irrepressible force that detonates on contact. When you lay it out like that it all … Read More

About Sleepy Tom

Vancouver upstart Sleepy Tom has quickly proved himself a young master of all things massive. His hometown parties and DJ sets alongside some of electronic music’s biggest names have earned a rep as Canada’s funnest. His internet incinerating bootlegs and official remixes (including an especially … Read More

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