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Lubelski Delivers Funky New EP ‘Modular Jams’

Multi-instrumentalist and psychedelic dance music producer Lubelski has sculpted out a new niche in West Coast dance music thanks to his experimental work in House and Techno. The California native utilizes analog gear, vinyl sampling, and unique styles of synthesis to create a diverse and innovative sound that blends the worlds of rave, disco, and of course, psychedelia. He just released a three-track EP entitled Modular Jams via Percomaniacs, designed to take you on a journey into the modular synthesis of sound. Take a listen below.

This is the first solo EP from the co-label head on the brand new imprint, and it’s packed full of driving basslines, springy percussion, and sheer, funky vibes. Each of the three tracks, “Doepfer Jam,” “Whatever Jam,” and “Tabla Jam” brings a different gritty sound to the table.

Lubelski has an impressive list of releases with esteemed labels like Nervous, Sweat It Out!, Anabatic, Room Temp and Popgang, as well as with Desert Hearts, which helped put him on the map. He’s been busy since the start of 2018 and has continued to grow as he carves his way into the forefront of the scene.

Lubelski will be at Bar Smith in Downtown Phoenix on Friday, October 12 alongside Sean Watson and Cormac. You can purchase tickets here.

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