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Wongo Remixes PNAU’s ‘All Of Us’

Australian house producer Wongo takes PNAU’s latest anthem straight to the club, bringing his
signature style of mesmerizing house and rumbling bass to his “All Of Us” rework. With the luminous glow of their most recent hit “Solid Gold” still smoldering across radio stations and streaming platforms worldwide, Australian trio PNAU have promptly stoked the flames for their hungry fans with their next epic creation “All Of Us” – an undeniable dance anthem, as euphoric as it is energetic. Forever progressing their style and sound, PNAU welcomed US singer Ollie Gabriel into the creative fold, delivering a soulful vocal, urging people to come together, be free and lose themselves to dance.

PNAU’s Nick Littlemore explains the meaning behind the song:

’All Of Us’ is in essence what PNAU has always stood for; togetherness. I found this feeling as a young teen on the warehouse floors of rave parties and clubs of the underground. As kids in an adult scene, we were taken in by the older, wiser revelers; we were open-eyed and filled with wonderment. In those places, those hidden spaces, we found acceptance and love. It’s that feeling, doing what humans from all cultures have done since the dawn of time – we danced. This is our ode to the ritual of dance, that we’ve in so many ways dedicated our lives to. You don’t need to know the steps or be an expert; you just need to lose yourself to dance.

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