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Ryan Farish “Spectrum” beams color into intelligent dance music

Not all electronic music is created for the festivals or clubs, so for the discerning listener searching for something a bit deeper, Ryan Farish offers up the perfect solution. By avoiding trends and making music that touches deeper parts of the soul, Ryan’s sound is for the artist working on their masterpiece, the student in need of a soothing soundtrack while studying for exams or the meditator on retreat.

Ryan Farish – Spectrum (Preview)

With twenty new tracks on his upcoming album Spectrum that, as the title suggests, runs the gamut of sounds, emotions and experimental production techniques, Ryan has contributed a work of art that moves electronic music past EDM and into something of pure substance. Tranquil piano melodies combined with invigorating beats and a smorgasbord of tempos provide a setting of comfort and serenity. As one song flows seamlessly into the next, Spectrum takes you on a journey where sounds are visualized as color and music is in its rightful place as an agent of healing and solace.

Spectrum will be released on June 30 via RYTONE Entertainment.

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