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Keys N Krates Remixes CHVRCHES’ “Bury It” ft Hayley Williams

Back in the day Paramore was sweeping the country, playing music for nearly every single young adult out there. With Hayley Williams on the mic, it was hard for every single guy and girl to not have a massive crush on this cute, red-haired, lead singer. Since electronic music has swept up, the name Paramore had slowly disappeared but today we get a fresh new rendition of our favorite super star alongside CHURCHES with a fresh remix by none other than Keys N Krates.

Known for their incredibly talented musical skills, Keys N Krates come together to create an official remix of “Bury It” by CHRVCHES. Taking their usual roots in future bass, Keys N Krates lays a beautiful landscape as the song opens up to synths that fill up the room and vocals from Hayley Williams that float over the top. Suspense builds up as tension grows and soon the drop explodes into the wonderful Keys N Krates sound we love. An arpeggio of notes keeps the energy moving and bass melts your face and you feel every ounce of the song telling you to just leave your past behind and move onto better things in your life.

Bury It (Feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore) (Keys N Krates Remix)

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