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Blanke Drops Highly Anticipated Paramore Flip

One of the most exciting parts of the EDM scene is arguably the revamping of songs that are well outside the electronic dance genre, and ones that may already be much loved and well-known in music. Seeing an electronic artist you love take an iconic track and add their own elements and style into it is an incredibly unique experience that is special to electronic production. Remixes, flips, and edits have become an art, with some even launching upcoming artists into the spotlight as well as furthering their musical success if the reworks become hits within the community. Australian artist Blanke has been teasing his work on a Paramore flip for quite some time now, and he finally dropped the finished product. Listen to the reworked track below!

With American rock band Paramore being a staple for many in the music industry with unmistakable hits that have impacted the masses, the anticipation surrounding this flip was off the charts. The original track dropped in 2007, and was a rock heater in its prime. Blanke strips the track and subtly influences the new tone of the single. The drop is incredibly beautiful, with symphonies of future bass and pleasing melodies.

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