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5 Mixes To Get Ready For Global Dance Festival

With Global not even two weeks away, the adrenaline is already starting to pump waiting for the day we’ve all been waiting for. Returning to Rawhide Western Town on November 19th, we’ll be joined with a monster of a line-up with names like Alison Wonderland, Valentino Khan, Louis the Child, Galantis, and so many more.

There’s nothing better than pregaming the big show by listening to them excessively before. Lucky for us, there are perfect mixes to help with that.

1. Galantis – Gold Dust Mixtape

Galantis put out the Gold Dust Mixtape about a year ago, and even though it’s a throwback, it will take you through future bass, to house, to dance, and back again in just the first ten minutes. From then on, it’s going to be hard to turn off.

2. Too Future. Guest Mix 012: Louis the Child

Basically, Louis The Child provides 33 minutes of everything you could need in life, with featured tracks from Flume, Diplo, Stelouse, and more. This mix is the perfect taste of what we will be experiencing live in no time.

3. Valentino Khan – EDC Las Vegas 2016

Valentino Khan kills it live every show he plays, and what’s a better mix to listen to than his EDC set? This mix has every track that is 100% likely to get the whole crowd rapping like it’s our job.

4. Louis Futon – Zoned Out Vol. 1

Louis Futon can always be trusted to bring instant feels. To do exactly that, please listen to this mix. If his set at Global is anything like it, I’m sure there will be complete bliss amongst the crowd at Rawhide.

5. Alison Wonderland Triple J Mix Up

Last but not least, I leave you with not one, but three exclusive mixes from the queen herself, Alison Wonderland. Nothing will hype you up more than having the chance to see these songs live.

If you haven’t snagged your Global tickets yet, get them here! Tickets are almost out!

Global Dance Festival AZ 2016

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