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Headbanging and Tacos: The Snails Shell Tour Documentary

What if Taco day was every day? (Isn’t it?) And what if you got to enjoy those tacos with your favorite artist? Well, that’s how Snails handles the meet and greets on his Shell Tour. From taco parties with fans to days off at amusement centers to headbangers and people moshing, the Snails Shell Tour documentary highlights the artist’s 37-city tour. We got a behind the scenes look, and between all the aforementioned it looked like a blast.

Snails electrified crowds with a giant shell stage complete with a huge snail that presents a wicked light show with tons of lasers. Also present was the headbanging bass drops and dubstep Snails is known for, along with some metal, which we learn from the documentary was his first love.

Snails – The Shell Tour Documentary

It’s all an adventure but taco parties with the Vomitsquad, what he calls his fans, seem to be the best. I know what you’re thinking, Snails have shells and so do tacos right? The levels man! But there’s a story behind them: the tacos are because this is what Snail’s mom made when the artist invited his friends over. Check it out and see what you missed if you didn’t catch his tour. BYOT(acos).

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