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5 Favorites From Beatport Top 100: August

The month of August brought us some excellent music on Beatport. The online music sharing platform and store is booming with new and funky beats to please the soul. With hundreds of thousands of tracks on the site, it can become overwhelming. Luckily, the Beatport Top 100 list never fails to bring listeners closer to some of the freshest beats that are blowing up right now. Here are 5 favorites from the Beatport Top 100 Chart:

#12 Catfish – PAX

PAX is back at it again, last month his rework of the track “Electric Feel” by MGMT topped the charts at number #25. The UK based duo have outdone themselves this month with “Catfish.” Almost breaking into the Top 10, “Catfish” peaked the charts at number 12, and it’s a bop. The tech house track is popping with uplifting basslines, kicks, and symbols; making it perfect for any dancefloor.

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#63 Moskito – Shiba San

Shiba San is an artist Arizona has grown to love. This year he’s blessed Arizona with an RB Deep residency and has made numerous appearances over the year. His newest track “Moskito” off of his EP Don’t Talk peaked at number 63 on the Beatport Top 100 this month. The track is heavy, unique, fun, and gets people dancing. The name “Moskito” is perfect for the track because it sounds like a mosquito flew into the recording studio and got to work on making a banging track.

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#24 Big Drop – Richard Grey, Lissat

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I had no idea what “jackin” house music was until I heard “Big Drop” by Richard Grey and Lissat. The buildup for the song is funky and gets listeners hyped with hip-hop lyrics and fast-paced drums. The drop completely comes out of left field and features a soulful and groovy remix of the chorus of “Barba Streisand” by Duck Sauce. This song is a BOP, and if you listen to just one song on this list it should be “Big Drop.”

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#17 Heavy – Veerus

The Beatport Top 100 wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of techno. Luckily, Veerus has us covered. “Heavy” is a spacey techno track that hits hard. The Italian based DJ is a veteran in the techno industry, and his hard work and dedication to the craft are seen throughout “Heavy.” The long, drawn-out buildups suck listeners into a vortex and once the drop hits, returns them back to this reality peacefully.

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# 7 Cafe Del Mar (Tale of Us Renaissance Remix) – Energy 52

The original “Cafe Del Mar” was released over half a decade ago before the dance music industry has boomed into what it is today. The Tale Of Us Renaissance remix revisits and reconstructs this classic trance hit. The remix is packed to the brim with beautiful, melodic rhythms and melodies. This track is ambient and makes perfect background music for studying and working out.

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