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Felix Cartal’s Latest Video Will Have You ‘Drifting Away’

Beautiful blonde women and butts. It’s a played out cliche in music videos, but Felix Cartal‘s “Drifting Away,” ft. Ofelia K, is able to bring new emotion to the viewer, even with the main actress’ behind being the only thing you see of her. The song was first released almost two years ago on his Next Season album and has seen over 10 million streams collectively.

The song is catchy, and the video is captivating. Check it out for yourself below.

Felix Cartal – Drifting Away (feat. Ofelia K) [Official Music Video]

The video, which starts off with a young woman finding out her significant other, likely fiance due to her throwing a ring into the ocean, finds out he is cheating on her. Through the video, she becomes increasingly carefree, jumping into a sports car with what appears to be a stranger, and then sleeping with another man in a different scene, giving the illusion that she is ‘drifting away.’

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