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ATLiens and Blanke Make ‘Contact’

Well-renowned duo ATLiens and hot new talent Blanke get together for what might be one of the most rock solid mid-tempo tracks of 2019. A combination of 3 very unique drops, this dirt filthy collaboration stays in character for both artists, while generously gifting us with some sick new sounds. With festival season seeming almost year round now, you can almost guarantee this one will be pushed into a wide net of playlists around the world. Check it out below!

This is another home run for Blanke, still coming off a top quality Deadbeats performance on 4/20. The second drop is really his hard electro sound, while the first drop still takes part that extraterrestrial sound design that ATLiens consistently seems to bring to the table. In an RB Exclusive Interview with Blanke, the talent Australian producer tells of their use of hardware synthesis for sounds in the third drop and saying it shows would be an absolute understatement.  From the beginning of the track with an almost gritty guitar, all the way to hard synthesis, this track surely catch your attention on a heartbeat.

Watch out for these two groups as they grow even bigger this summer with shows all over, and continue to gain quick support from so many great artists and electronic music fans alike. It is crazy to see where these guys were a year ago, and things only looking up for these giants.

Connect with ATLiens: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect with Blanke: Facebook | Twitter Soundcloud

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