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Watch it Wednesday: Felix Cartal & Lights – ‘Love Me’

Earlier this year Felix Cartal teamed up with Canadian singer/songwriter Lights for the poppy summer track, “Love Me.” Not your typical cheerful and carefree summer tune, “Love Me” explores the pain of unrequited love. As Lights put it, it’s “essentially a love song but with a sad twist.” For this week’s Watch it Wednesday, check out the very fitting visual accompaniment for the track below.

Felix Cartal & Lights – Love Me (Official Music Video)]

The music video demonstrates all different types of unrequited love. You’ve got one girl, longing for the guy who isn’t interested in monogamy, the guy in a relationship with a girl who’s addicted to her cell phone, the girl wanting her boyfriend to give her a minute of attention, but he’s engrossed in TV.  The video conveys the many problems prevalent in today’s social media and technology-driven world, and it’s a perfect match for the theme of the song.

Directed by the award-winning Aaron A, the video utilizes vivid lighting and different color grades to depict a dream-like, technicolor state, resulting in the most desirable of aesthetics.

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