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ARMNHMR Releases Explosive Single ‘The Universe Is Yours’

ARMNHMR, comprised of Joseph Chung and Joseph Abella, has concocted an explosively-sonic reaction formed from melodic basslines and infusions from all music genres. Their music inspires dancing and contemplative resonation, a combination that nearly instantly inspires ARMNHMR’s listeners to crave more. In a spark of futuristic single releases including “Save You Now” and “Silver Lining,” Chung and Abella have released another to compliment the two prior – a track robustly titled “The Universe Is Yours.” Listen below.

Streamlining with the previous singles’ electric artwork, “The Universe Is Yours” has bigger-than-life energy with vibrant blues and pinks striking across the release art. With melodious synths and Micah Martin’s emotive vocals harmonizing along, this single unearths our inner emo kid that has laid dormant since the 2000s. ARMNHMR has pieced together something with somber undertones and eruptive instrumental elements to connect with each listener.

ARMNHMR will drop the universe in a beat for The Free World tour at AURA on January 25th. Find tickets here.

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