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MEMBA Meets Freedom in Latest Release

MEMBA is starting 2020 incredibly strong with latest single “Meet Freedom.” A collaboration with the mighty Levus Alone, this track is released through Foreign Family Collective. It also comes just before the New York pair head off on an extensive spring tour. They say, “We’ve been waiting for the chance to put on our own immersive show since we started MEMBA in 2015. Everything we’ve been doing has been leading up to this tour. We’ve built brand new instruments, inflatable eggs – that’s all we can say. We’re trying to put together an experience unlike you’ve ever seen before. We’ll be bringing special guests, characters, a giant puppet and more.” Give “Meet Freedom” a listen below!

The record itself is a masterclass in brooding electronic intensity, bubbling with the vocals of Levus Alone. “We wrote this with our UK based friend Levus Alone,” MEMBA revealed, “We’ve been writing with him for a long time. We recorded the vocals for this about 4 years ago while he worked at a Bingo in Leeds. The instrumental came together a lot later…”

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