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Kill Paris Shows us the ‘Way Out’ feat. Penguin Prison

The eclectic and innovative multi-instrumental producer, Kill Paris, is giving listeners something “Way Out” in terms of sound and style. Born Corey Baker is ceaselessly imaginative when it comes to breathtaking tracks infused with anything from bass, percussion, or experimental riffs from an assortment of sound. He’s been a musician since he was 15 and since then he’s dived headfirst into the immersive sound of electronic music. Certified in Ableton training, teaching one on one production lessons and seminars, and producing under OWSLA, Monstercat, and more, Kill Paris has generated a sound that’ll reverberate in your mind forever. His latest track is another addition to that sound that exemplifies an effortlessly unforgettable taste of his signature. Featuring Penguin Prison, “Way Out” is out now on Fun Things Fun Life, so check it out below.

The track opens with echoing vaporwave hidden with a subtle drumline and catchy vocals from Penguin Prison that comes into a full misty-eyed view. Kill Paris drops us into something groovy and distorted making it hard to pinpoint, but easy to move to. It’s one of those songs you play while you’re with your chosen family on a night where all responsibilities are shirked and time doesn’t pass.

In 2013, Baker debuted his first EP, To A New Earth, followed by Foreplay. In 2015 he launched his label, Sexy Electric, where debut album Galaxies Within Us was released. It’s a 15-track LP that opens with a meditation from Wim Hof, setting listeners up for an introspective brilliant journey.

Kill Paris is bringing all of this and more to Shady Park on May 23rd. Click here for tickets.

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