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RB Exclusive Interview: One on One with EDX – The Man, the Myth, the Legend

EDX has been making waves in the house music scene since 1994 and with his latest work, there is no doubt that his influence is as strong as ever. His originals and remixes of Deadmau5, Laidback Luke, Kaskade, and many more are staples in the electronic music community and have had a lasting impression on what it means to release stellar house productions. I was lucky enough to conduct an interview with the man labeled as a “genius” by Mixmag prior to his upcoming performance at Gypsy bar. Check out what is new with EDX below!

You have been described as one of the most talented progressive house producers in the world. How would you describe your sound to those who have not yet heard your music?

I think the easiest way to describe my sound is that it makes people smile. Most people know me either from my very successful remixes which have helped to break many artists, or from my own releases, or from my weekly NoXcuses radio show.

Your latest Beatport release “Feel the Rush” hosts many elements of future house music. Can you tell us where you found inspiration for such a unique track?

I call it ‘EDX House’ – some people call it Future House, others call it Deep House. I think it’s simply melodic, sexy house music for clubbing, as well as for people that prefer to chill and relax at home or with friends. Actually, maybe it’s EDX & Chill haha! When I worked on this track I always kept in mind that it would be featured on the Enormous Tines Ibiza Nights soundtrack first, so I tried to include some of those moments, those vibes that you get from the unique island of Ibiza. I think it’s very fresh and people will love the hybrid feel between genres.

You are putting out large amounts of content between personal releases and your popular “No Xcuses” radio show. How do see both your music and radio show having an influence on the ever-evolving house music scene?

It’s a lot of work actually between my studio, touring and my weekly radio show – but I love it being so crazy. I can see that there’s a great reaction to my weekly show with lots of feedback from listeners as well as the industry. When I started the show over six years ago, I made it for my fans all around the world, to give them something back on a regular basis and to show them some appreciation of their big support for my releases. Now it makes me so happy to see the show in so many different countries every week – most of the time I wish I could be touring everywhere every weekend with my own NoXcuses events, so the radio show is a great way for me to be everywhere at once! It’s my contribution to the house music scene, where I’ve been growing in for almost two decades now. Blessing!

We are all looking forward to your upcoming performance at Gypsy Bar on May 12. Do you have any insight on what to expect?

Well a lot of fresh music is coming your way. It’s amazing to be back in Arizona… :-)


HAEVN – Finding Out More (EDX’s Acapulco At Night Remix)

Speaking of what is fresh with EDX, his latest music video release is stunning. The accompanying track, a remix of “Finding Out More” by HAEVN, features soothing guitar melodies and vocals over a driving house beat. It is truly a perfect summer jam and one more proof that EDX is as inspiring as ever. Don’t forget to grab your tickets for his upcoming show here! It is one that you will not want to miss.

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