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RB Exclusive Interview: San Diego Will Always Be Home, But Lee K is Ready to Take on the World

Global Dance Festival is approaching us quickly, and it’s lineup is jam packed with all sorts of music. To help you learn a little more about some of the artists you might not know, we had the chance to chat with San Diego based DJ, Lee K, about how she got her start in California, what she has accomplished there, and her growth as an artist.

Tell us a little bit about growing up in California and getting your start in San Diego.

I was born and raised in San Diego and have spent the majority of my life based here. I always had an interest in electronic music but as I started going to raves and clubs as a teenager I immediately took a liking to the community and culture. I began DJing for fun shortly after and began getting asked by friends to play their night at the club. Everything slowly began to grow after that.

When was the moment you knew that you would be making music for a living?

I actually have no music out yet – so I can only speak on being a DJ at the moment. There have definitely been some key moments over the last 12 months of, ok, this has potential to be something – which is still surreal to me. Not one day goes by that I don’t reflect on how happy and grateful I am to be doing this.

As Lee K began her career in the music scene, she landed a residency at San Diego’s “Bang Bang,” where she got her foot in the door as an opening act on the weekends. Following her 2013-2014 residency she began working as a major creative force behind the growing FNGRS CRSSD brand, warming up the room for some of the most well respected names in house and techno including Pete Tong, Victor Calderone, Hobo, Eats Everything, MK and many more.

How would you say your career has blossomed since you started working with FNGRS CRSSD?

The opportunity to be a resident DJ opened up a few years ago and I never looked back. Through FNGRS CRSSD I was able to cut my teeth as a DJ and learn a lot in the process. Being an opener for years exposed me to a lot of different situations – from playing different styles (and eventually honing in on my ‘sound’) to playing on different technical riders as you’re at the mercy of whatever the headlining DJ prefers to play on – so I don’t think I would be who I am today without that experience. Naturally, being on the bill for events does give you exposure and therefore there is potential for doors to open. So, I would say that having a good residency can certainly help an artist.

CRSSD Festival is something that has developed into something quite breathtaking. Where do you hope to see this brand go in the future and how will you help contribute to that?

It’s really cool. I look forward to every festival because it truly is a weekend with family for me. It’s hard for me to say where the future of the brand is going – but I think they will continue to do what they do best – bring talent that speaks to them to San Diego and throw fun parties. I can only hope to represent the brand when I travel and of course play when I’m in town!5. Ultimately, every DJ/Producer’s goal is to expand into larger markets…

We have you out at Global Dance Festival Arizona in November. Can you explain the feeling/experience that comes with the growth of spinning in local clubs to touring across the country and beyond?

I have a soft spot for desert landscapes so I’m very much looking forward to playing in Arizona. Getting to travel (minus the actual travel) is definitely a perk. The highlight is the gig when it’s a good one, but aside from that, meeting people from all over and experiencing different cultures is the next best part. I was thinking about this a few days ago when I got back from Peru – you get to build a family across the globe that’s interconnected by music. Fantastic.

Do you think that you will always feel a sort of loyalty to your hometown and San Diego nightlife?

Absolutely. There are a lot of memories that were made here, my family is here, I got my start here… it will always be home.

If people were take take one message/feeling/purpose from your music, what would you want that one thing to be?

Don’t take yourself too seriously and be present in the moment!

I think that’s great advice from Lee. She’s on her way to stardom but still lives in the moment every step of the way. It’s awesome to see someones career growing and how their loyalty and love for where they got there start stays strong. DJ’s like Ghastly and Drezo can relate to this since they both started off here in AZ, are both finding success, and show so much love and appreciation to the crowd when they perform at any show in Arizona.

Don’t miss Lee K at Global Dance Festival on November 19th to see just what she’s bringing for her AZ debut, alongside names like Lee Foss, Golf Clap, Prok & Fitch, Mat.Joe and many more!

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