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Illenium Makes Us Feel the Love on New Single ‘Crashing’

There are a handful of producers out there that can simply tug on our heartstrings and hit us right in the feels whenever they please. If we were to give out a crown to the one who made us feel the most, Nick Miller, the genius behind Illenium, would be up on a throne wearing it with pride. In his newest single “Crashing” featuring LA duo Bahari, Miller pushes all the right buttons once again and sends us on another musical journey. Highlighting the beauty and overwhelming feeling of love, “Crashing” uses Bahari’s seamless melodies and powerful vocals along with Illenium’s top-tier producing to create a piece that sounds like something that should be in the trailer for the newest romance movie. The collaboration combines the lyrical prowess of the duo with Miller’s imaginative musical technique to give us another classic Illenium tune that will surely be a highlight in his live shows. You can check out the lyric video below. 

Illenium – “Crashing” ft. Bahari

Time and time again Illenium hits us with releases that make us want to cry, kiss, or celebrate. Hell, sometimes it’s a combination of all three. “Crashing” sticks to the emotionally-charged formula that has skyrocketed Illenium to the top of the electronic scene, and if this is any indication of what’s to come from him, we can’t wait to see what’s next for the superstar. Apparently, a huge tour is in the works for 2019, so until we know when we will be graced with another Illenium show, check out “Crashing” and be prepared to feel…. a lot. 

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