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The Ultimate 2015 Halloween Festival Guide

This Halloween, you have almost no excuse not to be at a sick show with your friends. There are a ton of festivals all over the country to enjoy this year. It almost seems like every Halloween there is more and more to do! I’ve compiled a list of Halloween events  (in order of nearest to furthest) that range from local shows to Halloween massives around the country below for you to check out, the options are endless!

LOCAL EVENTS (100 miles away from Phoenix or less)

Tube & Berger @ RBDeep (21+) (Oct 31)

Overview: If you’re 21+, love house and don’t want to travel very far for Halloween, going to Tube and Berger will probably be your ideal way to spend the night. This isn’t necessarily a Halloween show, but it does fall on Halloween so I’m sure the Monarch security guards wouldn’t mind seeing some really cool costumes (they’re super nice guys). Oh, and by the way, according to their biography, Tube and Berger are “one of the biggest selling acts on Beatport in 2013 and 2014… one of the hottest duos in the world; but this is only the beginning.”. Don’t skim past this event just because it’s not Halloween themed!

Wicked Ball (21+) (Oct 31)


Overview: Self proclaimed as “Arizona’s Best Halloween Party”, Wicked Ball at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale will feature multiple rooms, each with a different vibe and music, including EDM, Trance and Top 40 hits. The current headliners are Arty and Bad Boy Bill, and the current supporters are DJ Irene, DJ Kittie, DJ Jen Jones, Lenno, and Overwerk.

Dead Carnival (18+) (Oct 30)


Overview: If you’d like to go out the night before Halloween so you can have two days of fun, be sure to check out the Dead Carnival Halloween Block Party at Urbane Manner in Old Town Scottsdale. The current headliners are Bixel Boys and Ookay, and there will be more TBA.

Congress St. Halloween Block Party (All Ages) (Oct 31)


Overview: This is Tucson’s only Halloween street party featuring 3 stages of entertainment on 3 downtown blocks. It will be featuring 3LAUMorgan Page, LA Ley Retour and plenty of other bands and DJs.

DAY TRIP CAR ADVENTURE (100 miles – 450 miles away)

Escape: Psycho Circus (18+) (Oct 30 + Oct 31)


Overview: Escape from Wonderland was first thrown in 2011 at Nos Event Center in California, where the event will again happen this year. Every year, this festival has a new theme and this year it is “Psycho Circus”. Go insane this Halloween at this close, massive two day Halloween festival! From the eyes of local Insomniac film crew staff member Aaron Phoenix, “Escape has Insomniac’s amazing production and experience in a Halloween theme, they use the NOS event center in San Bernardino and I couldn’t think of a better venue for Halloween, warehouse type buildings, a spooky lagoon type pond and always a good lineup of artists”. AJ Araiza, festival-goer and local gathering coordinator, has this to add on: “With all of its Halloween decor, Insomniac puts on one of the best Halloween massives in the West coast. From the rides to the haunted houses to the sick beats, it is for sure one of the most wicked weekends in SoCal”.

  • Website:
  • Location: Southern California
  • Travel time from Phoenix, AZ: 4hr and 40m driving (318 miles)
  • Ticket price: GA two-day regular pass: $170
  • Gloving allowed: NO
  • Kandi allowed: YES
  • CamelBak allowed: YES, if empty upon entry.

Hard Day of the Dead (21+) (Oct 31 + Nov 1)


Overview: If you notice the location, HDOTD is very close to Escape. You can easily bounce back and forth depending on which lineup you like best, and party for an extra day (Nov 1) after Escape if you really want to have a fun weekend. Unfortunately, the restrictions for HARD events are very severe, especially after the recent deaths at HARD Summer. AJ Araiza had this to say about Hard Day of the Dead after attending last year, “F*** Hard events. Support the PLUR. Give us free water. F*** you Destructo (I still like your music doe).” If you’re a raver, this may not be the festival for you. However, if you really don’t care that much about rave culture and just want to go for the music, you’ll probably not even notice the restrictions and will have a great time.

  • Website:
  • Location: Southern California
  • Travel time from Phoenix, AZ: 5hr 10m drive (345 miles)
  • Ticket price: GA 2-day pass: $145
  • Gloving allowed: NO
  • Kandi allowed: NO
  • Camelbak allowed: YES, if empty upon entry.

Viva La Dead (18+) (October 31)


Overview: Relentless Beats is expanding to Albequerque, NM this year to bring out Above & Beyond this Halloween! It’s a bit of a drive, but for those dedicated members of the #TranceFamily, that’s just six more extra hours to listen to some good vibes music in the car on the way to the event. The rest of the lineup is TBA.

AIRPLANE ADVENTURE (450+ miles away)

BOO! Halloween Massive (18+) (Oct 30 + 31)


Overview: This is the second year that Insomniac is throwing BOO!. Last year it was a big success in New York City, and this year it’s being thrown in San Francisco. If you want to go to a bit of a smaller festival for Halloween rather than a massive, this might be the best choice for you.

  • Website:
  • Location: San Francisco
  • Travel time from Phoenix, AZ: 2hr airplane trip (753 miles)
  • Ticket price: GA two-day pass: $135
  • Gloving allowed: NO
  • Kandi allowed: YES
  • Camelbacks allowed: YES, if empty upon entry.

Something Wicked (18+) (Oct 24 + 25)


Overview: This Houston-based festival offers a sick lineup and payment plans. The lineup is extremely varied, as you can see, ranging from trance to trap to dubstep. There is something wicked for everyone at this festival! (If you really like trap and big room house, this is probably your best bet).

  • Website:
  • Location: Houston, TX
  • Travel time from Phoenix, AZ: 2hr 40m airplane trip(1,176 miles)
  • Ticket price: GA two-day pass: $139
  • Gloving allowed: NO
  • Kandi allowed: YES
  • Camelbaks allowed: YES

Freaknight (18+) (Oct 30 + 31)


Overview: Although Freaknight has only released Phase 1 of their lineup, their artist list is already packed full of world-class talent. Legends Deadmau5, Tiësto and Nero are not artists to miss! Although you have to hop on the airplane to get to this festival in a timely manner, it will definitely be well worth the trip. When asked about Freaknight, Even Wakano, local ASU student and festival-goer, stated “It was one of the best festivals I’ve [ever] been to, I’d definitely go back”. Mike Larsen, another local festival-goer added on “I traveled to Seattle from Arizona to see Dirtyphonics‘ first United States apperance at Freaknight in 2009. The event was way bigger than I anticipated with amazing production, insane sideshow performers, and a vibe that I will never forget.”. Although Washington is a bit of a ways away, it seems like it’s definitely worth going to from what people have said about it.

  • Website:
  • Location: Tacoma, WA
  • Travel time from Phoenix, AZ: 2hr 40m airplane trip (1,476)
  • Ticket price: GA two-day pass: $199
  • Gloving allowed: NO
  • Kandi allowed: YES
  • Camelback allowed: NO

Voodoo Music + Arts Experience (Worship the Music) (All Ages) (Oct 30 – Nov 1)

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 10.51.15 PM

Overview: This festival has a HUGE lineup that is definitely the most varied out of all major Halloween festivals in the country. The artists range from Ozzy Osbourne to Deadmau5 to Chance the Rapper. If you’re willing to do a bit of traveling for Halloween, definitely make sure to consider this festival.

Full Lineup:

  • Website:
  • Location: New Orleans
  • Travel time from Phoenix, AZ: 3hr 20m airplane trip (1,519 miles)
  • Ticket price: GA 3-day pass: $195
  • Gloving allowed: YES
  • Kandi allowed: YES
  • Camelbak allowed: NO

Freaky Deaky (18+) (Oct 30 – Nov 1)


Overview: This Chicago based festival has one of the biggest and most varied lineups this Halloween. If you’re willing to deal with the airplane trip and the cold weather, have a passion for Riff Raff or are a dedicated Bassnectar fan, this festival may be the one for you. Emily Stenger, a student at Columbia College in Chicago, React Presents promoter and raver, really enjoyed her experience at last year’s Freaky Deaky and is excited to go again this year: “Going to a show on Halloween weekend is super fun because you get to dress up in a crazy Halloween costume (not like people don’t do that already at events). Not only do people get to dress up, but they get to go all out with SFX make up if they wanted too so you got to see how creative people wanted to get with their crazy costumes. I would definitely go back because it was super fun and the music was on point.”. If you’re from Chicago, like a lot of people in the Phoenix area, this just might be a good excuse to conveniently go and visit mom and dad at home.

  • Website:
  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Travel time from Phoenix, AZ: 3hr 15m airplane trip (1,754 miles)
  • Ticket price: GA 3-day pass: $179
  • Gloving allowed: NO
  • Kandi allowed: YES
  • Camelbak allowed: YES

Suwanee Halloween (All Ages) (Oct 30 – Nov 1)


Overview: This extremely varied and chill lineup might be exactly what some people need on Halloween. If you’re not into hard dance or heavy dubstep, this just might be the festival for you, especially if you prefer events like Gem and Jam Festival, where the lineup consists mostly of medium exposure artists that specialize in groovy sounds with a few bigger names to spice things up and get people excited. This lineup is packed full of experimental, rock and downtempo music. Definitely check it out if a relaxing and vibe-y Halloween is what you’re searching for!

  • Website:
  • Location: Live Oak, FL
  • Travel time from Phoenix, AZ: 4hr 30m airplane trip (1,962 miles)
  • Ticket price: GA 3-day pass: $345 with camping

Nightmare Festival (18+) (Oct 30 – Oct 31)

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 5.18.56 PM

Overview: This is the 3rd annual Nightmare Festival thrown by B.A.D.A.S.S. Raves. Over 4,000 people attended last year. This year, however, B.A.D.A.S.S has decided to limit capacity in order to create a more intimate vibe. One unique thing about this festival is the fact that it includes a chill-out zone called the Zendo Lounge, where attendees can relax and take a break from the heavy bass of the three different stages at the camping festival. The majority of the attendees so far are from the East coast, but sales have already been made all over the country. I will be attending this event and will write about it and the company behind it a few more times, so stay tuned for updates!

  • Website:
  • Location: Baltimore, MD
  • Travel time from Phoenix, AZ: 4 hour airplane trip (2,278 miles)
  • Ticket price: GA two-day pass: $130 (camping included)
  • Gloving allowed: YES, encouraged.
  • Kandi allowed: YES, encouraged.
  • Camelback allowed: YES, if empty upon entry.


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